Animation Studios Trip

It is officially mid-September, and it is getting hard to contain my excitement. Not only does September mean fall is on its way (I can’t wait for weather below 100 degrees), it also means that this month is the trip I have been waiting for.

For those that know me, they know I’m a huge Disney fan – from home décor to travel, Disney plays a large part in my husband and I’s lives. As a result, it has always been a dream of mine to tour the Walt Disney Animation Studios… and this month I will finally get to do just that! This trip has been years and many Disney movie purchases in the making, but after surrendering a whole lot of points to Disney Movie Club, and clipping out a lot of Proof of Purchase tabs, we were able to claim the ultimate prize – a private tour for 8 people at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

After I cried tears of joy and ran around my house like an overexcited Chihuahua for a few days, it came time to plan our trip. Originally we were just going to drive up, stay at a cheap hotel nearby, take the tour, and drive back… with some Chick-fil-a stops thrown in, of course. After thinking about it though, we changed our minds. This opportunity isn’t one that comes around often, and so we decided that this trip needs to have a little more Disney going on. So the random hotel near the studio was tossed, and instead we booked a room at the Disneyland Hotel. Now, we go to Disneyland pretty often – but my husband and I have never stayed on property, so we are pretty pumped about that! A few text messages later, and everyone in our tour group agrees to go the Mickey’s Halloween Party, and we make a reservation for Goofy’s Kitchen the night that we are getting to the hotel. So the plan is to drive up Thursday, do Goofy’s Kitchen for dinner that night, go to the Animation Studios and the Halloween Party the next day, and then come home Saturday.

Of course, then they announce the Late Check-Out for Tower of Terror – so we booked a room at Carousel Inn and Suites for Saturday night, and are now going to the parks on Saturday and coming home Sunday. We are actually excited about this for a couple of reasons – extra time in the parks, getting to experience Tower of Terror before it changes, and our hotel. We have stayed at Carousel numerous times in the past, mostly because we are a bit lazy and like being directly across the street so mid-day naptime can be a thing. Recently we found out the hotel is closing to make way for a new parking structure for Disneyland – and we were a bit bummed. While more parking will be great, we loved our stays at Carousel, and we especially love eating at Pizza Press, a quick made-to-order pizza place located at the hotel. This will give us a chance to stay here one last time and eat at Pizza Press at least once a couple of times before they close. We also love the rooftop pool at Carousel - it is a great way to watch the fireworks on the nights you aren't in the parks to see them!


Ryan snuck a photo of me watching the fireworks from the roof at Carousel on one of our trips last winter.

Ryan snuck a photo of me watching the fireworks from the roof at Carousel on one of our trips last winter.

As you can see, I have a problem with limiting my Disney experiences - it seems like there is always a new reason to visit the parks!

The trip is still a couple of weeks away, but I’m hoping it will be here before I can say “Mickey Bar”. Expect plenty of photos on Instagram while we are on the trip, and lots of reviews when we get back!

What are your top ‘wish list’ experiences at Disney? I know I still have plenty!