Butterbeer, Oh Butterbeer...


Oh, Butterbeer… I don’t think I will ever be able to fully express my love for this sweet and delicious concoction. If you have not experienced it, you need to… and I mean now. Seriously, get in your car, book a plane ticket, hop on a train… whatever it takes to get you to the nearest Universal Studios so that you can consume as much of this substance as possible during your time there. Really. Go now. I mean it.



I had my first taste of The Wizarding World’s Butterbeer in May of 2012, and my tastebuds have never been the same. On that first trip, only two types of Butterbeer were available – the regular cold beverage, and the frozen. The drink itself is delicious, but it is that foam on top that drives it over the edge for me. If they would serve me a cup of just that foam, I would happily eat it until I was sick (don’t get any ideas though… on our last trip my husband asked for extra foam on his drink, and was told they couldn’t do that, because the amount of foam on the drink is trademarked).


Since then, we make sure to get plenty of Butterbeer any time we are in a Universal Park. On our trip to Orlando last month, it was my goal to make sure I had as many Butterbeer flavor things as I could during our day in Universal. I had the standard cold and frozen options, and for the first time was able to try the hot Butterbeer, and Butterbeer ice cream! The ice cream was good, but not great – a soft serve cone of what seems like a vanilla and caramel swirl, it was enjoyable but didn’t quite live up to the expectations established for me by the drinks. The hot Butterbeer, however, was an absolute delight, and is possibly my favorite of the drinks. Of course, I doubt I would say the same if the weather was warmer when we were there, but for a temperate day in December, it was perfect.

Really though, the entire point of this post is just to say that Butterbeer – in any of its forms – is a true treat. So put on your favorite house gear, grab your wand, and go get some.