A Spectacular Festival Pageant of Nighttime Magic!

If you are visiting Disneyland in from now until June 18, you are in luck! You will get the chance to experience the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade!


We were lucky enough to visit the second weekend of the parades return – the parade itself will have its own post, but we were also lucky enough to get to enjoy some of the tasty treats that were created to celebrate the parade’s homecoming. Jolly Holiday had an entire mini menu of sweet treats, and there were also some other items available at a variety of bakeries.


At Jolly Holiday we ordered the entire parade menu – and to her credit the cast member only looked at me a little funny for about 13 seconds. The menu consisted of a Cheshire Cat Cookie, PB&J Éclair, Pineapple and Coconut Parfait, Ladybug Macarons, and Turtle Creampuffs.


The Cheshire Cat cookie was yummy! It was a shortbread cookie with strawberry jam and a chocolate drizzle. It was also the only treat that I was able to easily take ‘to-go’ from these, which was great because it was a whole lot of dessert to eat at once.


The PB&J Éclair was also good – the chocolate piece on top was almost too pretty to eat though! One thing I will say, is that we kept managing to get bites that only had one of the fillings, and had to try to get a bit that had both. The éclair was nice and light, and enjoyable.


The Ladybug Macarons were what I expected. If you have had a macaron at Disneyland and liked it, you will most likely like these! I don’t always like macarons and enjoy the ones at Disney. One warning for these though – they will turn your tongue BLACK! Part way through eating our desserts and my husband asked what happened to my mouth. On the plus side, the color was quick to fade when I drank some water. 


The Turtle Creampuffs were a strange item for me. I really enjoyed the flavors, and thought the cream was very tasty. The green substance on them was a bit strange though. I liked the flavor it lended, but it took away from that airy consistence of biting into a cream puff. The creampuffs were topped with a cookie made to look like a turtle head, and cute little macaron hats. They were decent, but not spectacular.


The obvious winner for us was the Pineapple and Coconut Parfait. It was light, refreshing, and just down right delicious. It was the only dessert that we completely finished, and with good reason. It was just so tasty! 


Some of the other treats available at the bakeries included marshmallow wands and cakepops. If you normally like these treats, you have to get one! Decorated as different floats from the parade, they are super cute!


What is your favorite Main Street Electrical Parade treat? Do you have memories of seeing the parade as a child?