Tangaroa Terrace - Dining Review

This past Disneyland trip, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, which was a major dream of mine. We decided to take advantage of our stay to eat at a couple places we don’t normally go to, such as Goofy’s Kitchen and Tangaroa Terrace. Most of the time, I am unable to convince myself to go anywhere other than Trader Sam’s, but since we were on property we just went to all three! I will be reviewing Trader Sam’s and Goofy’s Kitchen shortly, but here are my thoughts on Tangaroa Terrace.

Tangaroa Terrace is a Quick-Service option located by the pool at Disneyland Hotel. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On our trip, we ate here for breakfast one day before heading to the parks. The menu here does offer a few things that you won’t find at most of the Disney restaurants, such as the Loco Moco (a Hamburger Patty served on ride with gravy and an egg on top), and the option of Portuguese Sausage as a meat for most meals.

For our breakfast, we decided to go with the Mickey Waffles – because how do you not get Mickey Waffles? – and the French Toast. The Mickey Waffles are the same that can be found across the parks, but we enjoyed them. Topped with some powdered sugar, with bacon and fruit on the side, they were a little crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The fruit, which is advertised as ‘Island Fruit’ was a mixture of pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew and was pretty good – I would imagine that the fruit might change some seasonally. The bacon was standard quick-service bacon, meaning it was kinda floppy, but hey it’s still bacon.

Ryan had the French Toast, which was topped with a banana-caramel sauce and powdered sugar. He ordered his with the Portuguese Sausage as well, so that we could try that. The French toast was pretty good, and we liked the sauce. Overall though, we prefer the French toast option at Flo’s Café in DCA. The sausage was the standout for his dish – it was tasty, and definitely different than the standard sausage option!

Overall, we thought that Tangaroa Terrace was a good option breakfast before the parks, especially for a family. They had a decent selection of food, and the prices weren’t that bad. We were able to get meals and drinks for under $20, and if you are a light breakfast eater like me, you could share some of the entrees here with someone else.

I would give Tangaroa a 7/10 for a Quick Service breakfast option, but doubt I would go here for lunch or dinner when Trader Sam’s is open!